NASA logos, the meatball and the worm


I like the nicknames they gave to the logos. The worm and the meatball. (from a New York Times article)

The old school feel of the meatball is nice, but just speaking from a logo perspective, it’s a complete mess. There’s so much going on in that logo, it’s a disaster. And i don’t think NASA wants to be associated with disasters.

The worm is nice. Simple. bold. Sci-fi. I like it. The worm name for it is fun too, because worms indicate earth. And that’s our starting point for earth exploration. So when it comes time for us to encounter another planet with life (which i don’t believe exists, but anyways) when we enounter another planet with life, those lifeforms can point to our logo and say “Greetings, are you from the planet of worms?” Which is pretty true, that we are a planet of worms (that is dirt with worms, i’m not calling humans worms, although I suppose are kinda wormy looking–especially to an alien).

What do you think of the logos? Leave your thoughts in the comments. Thank you.

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