National Squirrel Day

National Squirrel Day is on Sunday, January 21st. Squirrel day in winter‽ It’s to remind us that food is scarce for squirrels in mid-winter. That’s pretty cool. Well, not that food is scarce, but that a squirrel day is set on this day to remind us that food is scarce for them this time of year.

I’m surprised at how few images of squirrels I’ve captured in the digital era since 2000.

Google Photos is great at image recognition, even if it gets a couple of them wrong. The first row has a plush hampster and a squirrel monkey.

That’s all the photos I’ve taken of squirrels! I thought there would be a lot more.

Have you taken photos of squirrels?

I’m making it a goal in 2024 to take more photos of squirrels. And to have my kids name the squirrels (and record the squirrels’ names).

Have you named your squirrels?

I’d love to have a photo of the squirrel by its name. Maybe I should make a name plaque with some squirrel food on it. Then, put the plaque on the squirrel’s favorite fence and take a photo with the squirrel by his/her name.

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