NBA court is a giant flat-screen TV

The NBA All-Star events this weekend are going to take place on a court that’s a giant flat-screen TV. Youtube preview.

Whut. Wow. Mark this as a landmark moment.

Years from now, we’ll look back at it like, “Yo, it is so completely normal to watch sports played on a video screen with tracking movements. Remember when we thought it was crazy‽‽‽”

Some of the comments:

  • Yo.. that would be sick if they floor reacted to the player and have the ring around him like he was a NBA2k player
  • Imagine if it was reactive too w/ sensors. Like when a player makes a jumpshot, the last placement of their feet before they lift off stays on the court, making it unambiguous as to where they shot from. Or if their foot touches the out of bounds line and the lines go red.
  • I didn’t think the NBA could put more advertisements into a game. Touché, NBA.
  • Good thing Shaq doesn’t play anymore because he would definitely shatter it! 😂

How does this look when the stadium lights are ON? Notice how the video shows the court in the darkness, so you can see the screen on the floor. Will the screen be hard to see when the regular court lights are on?

Meanwhile, MLB says, “Hey, we have fancy lights too! Topps has faux-neon lights in their baseball card design.”

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2 months ago

I don’t think the stadium lights will be an issue. Look at the Wrigley Field video boards. They are brighter than the field of play in daylight. (Take a photograph at Wrigley’s boards and you’ll see the are overexposed when the rest of the field is in correct exposure).

I’m curious how the telecast will properly expose both the video floor and the players. Will the players be just shadows?

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