New coins to be released in form of ball bearings

What if we used metal ball bearings as currency/coins

There should be some country where they use ball bearings for their coin currency. Every country’s coins are flat. Why not have them be round? It would be fun to have a handful of ball bearing coins in your pocket. They could even have inscriptions on them.

I got this idea after seeing a collection of little metal balls inside a co-worker’s drawer (as seen in the photo). It would be really cool if these ball coins were metallic so they could stick together and you could make sculptures out of them.

In fact, I will now accept ball bearings as currency. If anyone owes me any money, I’ll gladly take them. The conversion rate depends on the weather of the day.

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13 years ago

I think you would like Buckyballs – or these cheaper Magnet Balls (sneaky amazon referral link included!)

13 years ago

For serious?! You should value them at $0.10 and start using them as currency. It’s a revolution!

13 years ago

Too many cashiers give change in the following order: dollar bills, then coins. So if ball bearings were used as coinage, then people would be dropping their change all the time. Of course this issue would be resolved if cashiers simply provided change in the proper order of coins, then dollar bills. The palm of a hand servers as a better landing location for change than does a piece of paper in the palm of a hand.

13 years ago

This is one of the things I don’t have to deal with, since I almost never pay with cash. 😛

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