New phrase: urban camping

(photos under creative commons from (left to right) azote, bigman606, ktb, rdott_s, robbyt, and valerierenee )

The media is all over the people who camp out for days for a PS3. “Crazy!” they say. But think of it this way. Camping. People like to camp, right? They sleep outside in the woods just for the heck of it. Now take these PS3 folks. Not only are they camping, but they a “reward” after three days. They get to buy a PS3. Yeah, yeah, some of you might pessimistically say, “what kind of reward is that?” But compare it to people who camp outdoors like normal. At the end of their trip they just pack up and go home. But with the campers for the PS3, this camping with a mission.

Plus, these urban campers get to hang out with other people who are like them. Comradery. That’s fun. Aaaand urban campers get to tell their goofy story about how they camped out for days to buy a video game system.

Hooray for urban campers. It’s nice to see your passion. It’s great to see you go after it. Besides, anything that gets gamers out of their house for extended periods of time is very good for them.

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17 years ago

caption for photo 3: DANCE, MONKEY, DANCE

17 years ago

These are all of the urban camper types I’ve found so far:

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