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New word: artart

This is artart

It’s kinda funny to type in the url bar:

Art dot art. So arty, you have to type art twice! That should become a word. Art-art. Or simply Artart.

In the art world, there’s high Art, and then the rest of the regular stuff. The two get rather confusing and blurred. But now here’s a way of distinguishing the two. If you are talking about high Art, just say “Art-Art”.

It doesn’t matter if you say it “art-art” or “ar-tart“. Same thing! Ar-tart even sounds more ridiculous, making the new word even more appropriate. Imagine a high-end art collector saying, “I just bought this Rothko ar-tart for $186 million.” To which another collector replies, “That’s nothing! I bought a Gauguin ar-tart for THREE HUNDRED million.”

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