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New word: whodda whadda howdda?


whodda whadda howdda?


Another way of saying “who?! what?! how?!” Usually spoken in shock.


Your cat is not vegetarian? Whodda whadda howdda?


who, what, how, interjection, surprise, shock, unbelieveable, awe, confusion, excitement, hysteria, jolt, stupor, whammy

first usage:

Brwe: craigy’s cat food just came in

Matt: oh! yum! did you try some?

Brwe: no, you said it smells bad, so why would i try it?

Matt: Maybe you are hungry. You are a cat, after all

Brwe: mystery meat. They say it’s fish but it doesn’t look or smell like fish

Matt: Your cat is not a vegetarian?!

Matt: whodda whadda howdda?

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Tom Saaristo

This is very close to my word “Whodawhanah” (for “Who the what now!”) a general question asked (usually) when someone says something that isn’t exactly clear. “Tommy, I couldn’t help but notice your bicycle is on backwards”… “Whodawhanah!”