Not the Tiffany Dome

Chicago Cultural Center dome

The Chicago Cultural Center is home to the world’s largest Tiffany glass dome. It’s beautiful. I love the Cultural Center.

Now that I work across the street from this wonderful landmark, I’ve been eating my lunches in the room on the first floor, “Randolph Square.”

Panoramic photo of Randolph Square in Chicago Cultural Center

Most times while I’m there, I check into Swarm/Foursquare. I’m super-proud to say that I’m the mayor of the Chicago Cultural Center (the award Swarm gives to the person who checks into a location the most in the 30 days).

Mayor of the Tiffany Dome at the Chicago Cultural Center (swarm foursquare screenshot)

Just today, I was eating lunch in the Randolph Square, and I snapped a photo of the ceiling.

Chicago Cultural Center: Randolph Square ceiling

Comparably to the Tiffany dome, it looks bland. But if you found this glass ceiling decoration in any other building, it would be wonderful.

Whenever you check into the Chicago Cultural Center on Swarm, the place is not listed as “Chicago Cultural Center.” Instead, it’s listed as “Tiffany Dome At The Chicago Cultural Center“.

Swarm says, “screw all those other cool rooms in the Cultural Center. The only one that really exists is the room with the Tiffany Dome.”

Here’s a funny idea. Walk through the Cultural Center, taking photos of the ceilings in various rooms. The series is called “Not the Tiffany Dome

Not the Tiffany Dome (@ Tiffany Dome At The Chicago Cultural Center in Chicago, IL)

Every time I go to the Cultural Center, I’ll take a pic of a different ceiling and post it to Swarm and tweet it with @wheresspudart.

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5 years ago

You have an eye and appreciation for the “not noteworthy” category in all you see!

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