Now page (for March 2024)

Daily habits

  • Distinguish between blog posts and notepad posts
    In February I clearly defined my blog into two categories: Notepad and blog. You can see the distinction on the new homepage. They are in two separate columns (unless you are in mobile, then the notepad section gets buried at the bottom). The notepad is for quick posts. The blog is for longer thought-out pieces. This has given me the freedom to post more frequently in the notepad section. And since I’m writing more often, this leads to more blog posts.
  • Email daily photos to my family
    Getting back into this habit.


  • Make annual family photo albums
    I didn’t make any progress on my annual photo albums. Maybe I’ll make some progress this month. (Making print photo albums. I take 10,000 – 20,000 photos a year, and yet I have no annual photo albums.)
  • Record videos of my kids talking about the art they make. [repeat from February page]
  • Have my kids color in a drawing that a friend did 25 years ago.


Use Pencils more
A new category. Years ago, I found that some of my most successful projects involve pencils. (refer to #9 in my 2020 resolutions, “Use pencils more”) I need to get pencil on paper more often.

Website updates

  • Recategorize my blog posts on
    With the blog /notepad distinction mentioned earlier, I need to recategorize my blog posts. It’s proving a challenging since mass-assigning tags and categories uses a lot of CPU power. My host Siteground limits me to 40,000 CPU seconds per day. Adding tags to about 100 blog posts uses about 20,000 CPU seconds. Crazy. You’d think I’d have the ability to add tags to more posts than that per day.
  • Changing hosts
    This CPU limits with Siteground really hampers my site’s growth. I’m thinking about going to Digital Ocean so I have room to grow. Only thing is that it takes a lot more setup. Siteground takes care of a lot of the detail work with managing a server.
  • Publish a blog post every Wednesday on
    I’ve started scheduling my blog posts to appear every Wednesday, so the site has more consistency. Everyone says to build an audience you need to write on a consistent schedule. I’m giving the Wednesday thing a try. So far, it’s pretty nice. In fact, as of March 9, I have Wednesday posts scheduled through to May 1!
  • Add a notepad section to
  • Make an “ideas” page on lists about pages, now pages, and ideas pages. I already have an about page and now page. The ideas page sounds cool. However, I imagine the ideas page would overlap a bit with the now page. I need to learn more about what to put on an ideas page.
  • Made a blogroll section on the homepage of
    A blog post explaining this is scheduled for March 20th.


  • Analyzing Baseball Data with R” so I can do fun baseball stat analysis. Maybe also to incorporate deep stats and trivia into my baseball art. I’m re-reading from the beginning, because I don’t understand some of the concepts later in the book.



  • The Art Institute of Chicago has a large famous Seurat painting, “A Sunday on La Grande Jatte“. I’ve been thinking about this painting. Both what the painting is about, and also the significance it plays in people’s lives today.
  • Make a master list of fun holidays and trivia
  • Make physical cards for music albums, so my music listening is more intentional.
  • Psalm 139:23 ESV “Search me, O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts!” Other translations say “know my anxious thoughts”. Somewhere I read this translates to hairy thoughts. Needs more research.


This category was formerly called “Eating.” I changed it more broadly to “Health”

  • I’ve been eating way too much sugar/chocolate.
  • I joined my local YMCA gym. I have yet to work out there. Since we’ll have two children in their after-school program, we get a discount. It ends up costing me about $10/month for the gym membership.



Subscribed to six new podcasts

  • ShortCuts by BBC Radio 4
  • BirdNote Daily
  • Project Botany by David Brooksby
  • The Organist by Andrew Leland
  • Bizarre Albums by Tony Thaxton
  • The Text in Us by Elle Grover Fricks


Finished Ahsoka and Obi-Wan in February. I’m on Andor (season 1)

This list gets updated monthly

(Inspired by Derek Sivers and other such pages such as Odelia Chan)

Now pages from the past

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