Oddities lurk in the list of all the White House zip codes


What is the zip code for the White House?

The Post Office suggests many zip codes for the White House. Use the Post Office Zip Code suggestion form, and search for: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW. The Post Office gives this list of zip code suggestions:

  • 20500-0001: PRESIDENT
  • 20500-0002: FIRST LADY
  • 20500-0003: WHITE HOUSE
  • 20500-0004: THE WHITE HOUSE
  • 20500-0039: GREETINGS OFFICE
  • 20500-0049: WHITE HOUSE STATION

The lists of zip codes reveals that various people and departments at the White House have their own zip+4 codes. For instance the President has his own +4 suffix in his zip code:

WASHINGTON DC 20500-0001

0002 is the First Lady, 0003 is the White House. 0004 is THE White House. 0005 is missing. 0006 is missing. And so on.

I searched around the internet to try to find them. Here’s the additional +4 suffixes of White House zip codes not provided by the Postal Service:

  • 20500-0002: VICE PRES STAFF
  • 20500-0010: SOCKS THE CAT
  • 20500-0030: HILLARY CLINTON

A few things to note about all the White House zip codes:

  1. “White House” and “The White House” each have their own zip code.
  2. Why does the U.S. Department of Justice have a zip code at the White House? Shouldn’t they have their own place to do work?
  3. Socks the Cat was given its own zip code in 1998. The Clinton cat died 11 years later on February 20, 2009.
  4. The Clintons loved assigning their own zip codes, because Hilary grabbed 20500-0030. So if you wrote to “Hillary Clinton” it was 20500-0030. If you wrote to the first lady, that would be 20500-0002.
  5. What’s the “AMER FUND FOR AFGHAN CHILD”? On October 12, 2001 The President George W. Bush announced the creation of “America’s Fund for Afghan Children” which will encourage children and their families to contribute to relief efforts for Afghan children. At the top of the press release it also states, “As of April 1, 2005 the Afghan Children’s Fund is no longer accepting contributions. President Bush thanks those among America’s youth who participated for their support.”

I searched for the zip codes up to 0051. Who knows if there are any other ones floating out there.

What the Post Office tells us about zip codes for the White House and President

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