Fun bundles of books for one dollar

I’ve come to appreciate the $1 bundle from @humble. This bundle “Get Crafty” has six books including, “Tiny World of Terrariums”

At any given time, Humble usually always has around six book bundle deals going on. Every bundle has different levels. There’s always the $1 bundle with a handful of books. The $8 bundle has a few more books, usually better quality books. Then the $15 bundle which has the best books under the topic. All books are ebooks, available to download as PDF or ePub formats.

The dollar bundle is nice, because HELLO it’s only a buck! I’ll drop a buck for a PDF book that looks interesting to me. I love PDF books, because I can still highlight and annotate in the PDF, and I get to keep the file forever. (unlike Amazon or Comixology where you don’t technically own the books, if their licensing contract expires with the publisher, Amazon can pull the books away from you at any time! Open PDFs rule).

As with all humble’s bundles, the deals are available for a limited time. The “Get Crafty” is only available until January 28, 2020.

Other dollar bundles I’ve purchased in the past five years include:

  • New Year, New You 2020 (by Sourcebooks)
  • Python & Machine Learning (by Packt)
  • Graphic Design & Visual Art (by Chronicle Books & Prince)
  • DC Comics in GraphicAudio®

Top-tier bundles that grabbed in the past include:

  • Computer Music (by MIT Press)
  • Product Management & Design (by O’Reilly)
  • Summer Reading List (by BOOM! Studios)
  • Comic books: Jim Henson & Friends (by BOOM!)
  • Comic books: Transformers 2019 (by IDW)
  • Comic books: Star Trek 2019 (by IDW Publishing)
  • Comic books: Back to the ’80s (by IDW)
  • Comic books: Transformers vs. G.I. Joe

I’m not including links to these, because all these deals have since expired. This list is just to give you a flavor of interesting bundles they’ve offered.

Make sure to follow their blog to get the latest bundle deals!

If you’ve ever enjoyed any of Humble’s bundles, please let me know. I love sharing good deals.

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