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Listening to opera and podcasts at the same time

wfmt concert at chicago cultural center live stream on facebook

I love listening to the WFMT concert every Wednesday. They broadcast it live from the Chicago Cultural Center. One of my favorite places in Chicago, it’s also now right across the street from where I work! I go to the Cultural Center often for a late lunch, but I haven’t yet been able to go for the live concert.

But I can listen—and WATCH—right from my desk. WFMT broadcasts a live feed on Facebook! It’s one of my dreams to sit right in the center row, so you can see me on the live feed.

Today the concert is a opera singer. I don’t really enjoy listening to opera. Instead of turning off the feed, I merely lowered the volume down so it’s barely discernible.

While the opera singer continues to perform, I’m listening to other podcasts. It’s almost like the opera singer is performing a soundtrack to the podcasts!

There might be something to this. Maybe I should intentionally play opera singing in Spotify while I listen to podcasts in Soundcloud.

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