Pac-man in subway drain tile and Easter eggs

Screenshot of tweet saying, "Cute Easter egg in the new subway train in Stockholm"

Cute Easter egg in the new subway train in Stockholm via @iamfabiano

In this subway train drain tile, I wonder if the direction of Pac-Man indicates the direction of the train travel. OH WAIT. This tile is on a window ON THE TRAIN. For some reason I thought this was on the ground in the train station.

Four patterns can be found in the metros.

  • Three crowns: national emblem of Sweden.
  • Play, pause, forward, and reverse buttons: symbolize the ties between Sweden and the global music industry.
  • Pacman and three ghosts: representative of the Swedish gaming industry.
  • A few oak leaves.
    (via atlasobscura)

Speaking of Easter eggs, now for the next Easter, I want to draw Pac-Man on an egg, and dye it yellow. I would do another egg as a ghost. Sometimes the ghost egg would be chasing the Pac-Man egg. Other times the Pac-Man egg would chase the ghost egg.

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