Artsy has artworks for sale for $50 and under

When I want to see artworks by a famous artist (e.g. Wassily Kandinsky), one of the sites I head over to is This site does a great job displaying and organizing the work. Not any regular artist can be shown on the site. You have to be represented by a gallery or have work in a museum.

Lots of the work is for sale on the site, which is amusing to see how much Kandinsky paintings sell for. Of course, the price is always waaaaay out of the regular person’s league.

But! Artsy actually does sell artwork for $50 and under!

This price point seems to contradictory to what artsy is. But, I’m not complaining. It’s fun seeing these more affordable artworks.

As of right now, there are only 43 paintings under $50. My favorite is this artwork “Shake Your Bottom” by “Sandra Wang and Crockett Bodelson SCUBA” for $50.

"Shake Your Bottom" by "Sandra Wang and Crockett Bodelson SCUBA”

A gallery in Brooklyn is selling this painting that looks a bit like a Paul Klee.

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