Do searches for palindrome phrases coincide with palindromic days?

This week marks the palindrome week where every day is a palindrome.

Happy #Palindrome Week! For the next 10 days, the date is the same forward and backward. This is the last time it'll happen in our lifetime.

(Technically, it’s not the last time in our lifetime, this will happen again on 1/20/21)

9-10-19 • 91-0-19
9-11-19 • 91-1-19
9-12-19 • 91-2-19
9-13-19 • 91-3-19
9-14-19 • 91-4-19
9-15-19 • 91-5-19
9-16-19 • 91-6-19
9-17-19 • 91-7-19
9-18-19 • 91-8-19
9-19-19 • 91-9-19

Let’s celebrate palindromes. The internet has lots of great palindromes:

  • taco cat
  • yo banana boy
  • never odd or even
  • borrow or rob
  • top spot

Do more people search for these palindromes when it’s a palindromic date?

Past palindromic dates:

8-10-18 to 8-19-18
7-10-17 to 7-19-17
6-10-16 to 6-19-16
5-10-15 to 5-19-15
4-10-14 to 4-19-14
3-10-13 to 3-19-13
2-10-12 to 2-19-12
1-10-11 to 1-19-11

Now, let’s look up our five palindrome phrases on Google trends, to see how many people search for these phrases since 2011.

I marked in the palindrome days in pink.

Google Trends palindrome days

My chart is a bit rough, but it looks like there might be some correlation between people searching for palindromes on palindrome days!

Well, let’s see if people just straight-up search for the word palindrome on palindrome days.

Searches for “palindrome” on palindrome days

Total correlation here! Looks like people search for the word “palindrome” on palindrome days. But maybe not as many searches for specific palindrome phrases.

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