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Using panoramic photo prints as origami paper

Collection of panoramic images photographed in Chicago

Today I was thinking about how I love photographing panoramic photos.

Wouldn’t it be cool if I could make origami with these panoramic images? But origami is mostly done with square-shaped paper. Not long sheets of paper. Bummer—but wait! There is something close I can do.

Many origami patterns exist for dollar bills! You can fold a dollar bill into a bow tie, butterfly, elephant, heart, kimono, the classic shirt, and much more!

Origami dollar bill instructions

Dollar bills are long horizontal sheets of paper. I could take my panoramic images and print them as the shape of a dollar bill. And then fold the origami. Yaaaay!

I’m excited to play with making my panoramic images into origami. I could even take it to another level with the notion that the paper is the shape of a dollar bill. I’m not sure how. Numbers in the corner? Make my own currency? Perhaps. For now I’ll stick with simple panoramic photos.

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