Ideas for paratrooper toy fun

Christmas paratroopers

In my Christmas stocking from my dad was a little Christmas paratrooper toy. (My daughters also got a paratrooper too). A little plastic figure with a tiny parachute. Those are always fun.

I searched Youtube for how people have had fun with these little guys. A few videos stood out a bit.

Video 1: use a drone

Someone dropped 100 paratroopers from a drone.

All the paratroopers pop out of the drone, and float down in a group.

Video 2: 19th story of a hotel

A few people throw a parachute man off the 19th story of a hotel balcony. At the 1:43 mark, they toss it over, expecting it to just float down straight.

Lesson: the paratrooper will not always sail straight down. And bit of slight wind, and your toy will fly off to the side.

Then at the 3:45 mark of the same 19th story video, they throw three more toys. One of them lands on a balcony on a lower floor. Lesson: don’t throw paratroopers off a building with balconies. It will probably land on someone else’s balcony. (Although, you would need the balcony to toss the paratrooper. So that’s kind of a catch 22.)

What would be other fun ways to play with a toy paratroooper?

While doing this Youtube search for fun paratrooper toy videos, I was hoping there would be someone who made a paratrooper cannon. That way, you don’t have to be up high on a building, or fly a drone with a custom drop hatch.

There are certainly a variety of paratroopers available on (Yeah, I’m an affiliate.) These standard paratroopers are nice.

Video 3: leaf blower

Using a leaf blower with paratroopers looks like it’s fun.

Idea 4: Make the paratroopers into a game

Ideas for making games with paratrooper toys.

  • Catch the most
    Take a handful of paratroopers, and throw them all up into the air. Then see who can catch the most before they touch the ground.
  • Leaf blower?
    I’m a little leery of incorporating the leaf blower into the game, because of safety.
  • Cups for points
    Maybe you could set a cup (or bucket) on the ground. Then the game is trying to throw the paratrooper up in the air, and try to land it inside the bucket. You could also have a bunch of cups on the ground, each with a different point score.
  • Wiffle ball paratrooper
    Cut off the paratrooper toy, and attach the strings of the parachute to a wiffle ball. Throw the ball up in the air. It will float slowly down (or maybe not if the ball is too heavy). The batter swings and hits the ball. Extra fun if you draw a face on the wiffle ball to make it look like a paratrooper.
  • Target practice
    Throw a handful of paratroopers up in the air. Then another person holding a NERF gun tries to hit as many paratroopers as possible with NERF darts.

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