Paul McCarthy on deconstructing spaces

A few interesting points from Art21’s interview with Paul McCarthy:

Equating amusement parks with art.

  • It’s a really interesting idea to explore how a place like Great America can be artwork. I would like to explore this.
  • The way Paul McCarthy explores is is that he makes his sculptures into a ride. He puts the viewer into a physical experience.
  • I like the concept of how the aesthetics of an amusement park is like art. Both with the visual appeal of the rides. But also the mundane things like how a certain walkway looks. A friend Steve Tanner has a Facebook Page, Magical Trash, dedicated to documenting the trash cans of Disney theme parks and resorts.

Art, but not equated to a gallery or museum

  • I find this interesting, because recently I’ve been making art in museums where I create art within what is acceptable behavior by a visitor. Paul doesn’t touch about this specifically. But makes his exhibits do things not typically done by museums.

How the room opens up. It’s a solid object, and when it opens up, the object disappears.

  • I really like the idea that you have a room. But then the 3d room becomes a flat 2d object. I think the regular gallery visitor looks at the 2d items on the wall, but doesn’t consider that they are placed within a 3d experience with walls. I would really like to hear a gallery talk by curators on how they decide to split up the gallery space. How different artworks can talk to each other. How the prevent other artworks from dialoguing.

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