Peeps costumes for the Pepsi Peeps challenge

Pure sugar
PEPSI x PEEPS Kit Packaging. Credit: Pepsi

I’M DROPPING EVERYTHING. I MUST HAVE THIS SODA. Why? Well, Pepsi and me go way back when it comes to specialty sodas.

My obsession with Pepsi Blue in 2002

Seriously, when Pepsi Blue came out in 2002, I made an entire blog for it (archived version). Not a blog post, but an entire blog.

It was one of the first ever product blogs EVERRRRR. People in 2002 were like, “What is this? Someone made an entire blog for a product?” I even made a fan club on Yahoo Groups. Pepsi Blue was everywhere, including these posters in Chicago.

Pepsi Peeps in 2021


Screenshot of video from Pepsi

To get your hands on this limited edition soda, it’s not sold in stores! 3,000 packages will be given away to Facebook and Instagram users who use the hashtags #HangingWithMyPEEPS and #PepsiSweepstakes (and tagging @PEPSI, with a photo of yourself enjoying the spring with PEEPS® Marshmallow Chicks and Bunnies).

Well, dress me and my 4-year-old and 1-year-old in PEEPS costumes. HOT DIGGITY HERE WE COME!

Promotion begins at 12:00 AM ET on 3/25/21 and ends at 11:59:59 PM ET on 3/31/21.

Searching online for toddler Peeps costumes

Are you ready to be one of the lucky 3,000 people to get their hands on the sweet-sweet-incredibly sweet elixir of Pepsi Peeps? Let’s get ourselves some Peeps costumes. OH YEAH!!!!!

Peeps costumes on Amazon

Gar! So frustrating. The only results on Amazon for: toddler peeps costumes is a bunch of Little Bo Peep costumes. NO! AMAZON! NO! I must have a peeps toddler costume. OOOOOOOOH MAN. It looks like Amazon has ZERO Peeps costumes for humans.

Amazon does have Peeps costumes for dogs (affiliate link).

Peeps costumes on Etsy

Let’s turn to Etsy. Hrm…. No peeps costumes on Etsy. But what about a giant Peeps plush?

Would it be alright if I bought this two-foot-tall Peeps plush, cut holes in its face, shoulders, and legs; and then stuffed—I mean, gently place—my 20-month-old child into it? Best Peeps costume ever! But $69? Ouch. I ain’t got enough sugar to pay for that sugar.

Peeps costumes from Google search

Maybe Google will have something. This 16-inch Peeps plush might be a little more affordable at $26 (instead of the $69 for that Etsy version).

Although I don’t think I can stuff my toddler inside that.

But wait. Wait. Check this out.

Oh man. Too bad this is no longer in stock. I am crying in delight. Crying the delicious sugar tears of Peeps. If I had this costume, I would be walking my toddler around the block all day long.

And guess what, there is an adult version and pre-school version. Peeps parade!!!

Looks like any costumes for humans will have to be handmade. Which in a way, makes this competition all the more fun. You can’t just run off to the store and get a costume. If you really want this soda, you need to work for it! Be a slave to the sugar!

The Peeps competition

Let’s look at what people have been tweeting and posting on Instagram with the hashtag #HangingWithMyPEEPS

On Twitter, I narrowed the search down to tweets that have at least one like. Here are my ten favorite.

By @bennybijou: 
Reposting because I missed one of the hashtags but I think these old photos are enough to prove I deserve to try #peepsi   with my peeps 
 #HangingWithMyPEEPS #PepsiSweepstakes
By @GeneralVogel: 
As an avid lover of the peep agenda, I think its required for me to have some #PEPSIxPEEPS (and also have the can for decor reasons 
) #PepsiSweepstakes #HangingwithmyPEEPS for life
By @qrevolution: 
In my family, Peeps are a way of life. 
My grandmother used to send me some every year for Easter, and, well, sometimes things got out of hand.
See for yourself.
 #HangingWithMyPEEPS #PepsiSweepstakes
by @sn0monkey: Just over here waiting for Easter  #HangingWithMyPeeps #PepsiSweepstakes @pepsi
By @JenandTimShow: 
Jen loves celebrating spring with a trampoline jump — gotta practice with the Peeps! #HangingWithMyPeeps #PepsiSweepstakes #Pepsi #Peeps @pepsi
By @TryHomie: 
Peeps are always welcome in our neighborhood. Let's be homies! #HangingWithMyPEEPS #HangingwiththeHomies @pepsi
By @bunkiezor: Not going out to the stores for real peeps, but here's my super cute peep plushies with my sweet boy  #HangingWithMyPEEPS + #PepsiSweepstakes
By @TweetChizone: 
By @CameronSchimmel: 
 #HangingWithMyPEEPS #PepsiSweepstakes gleefully dancing for my corporate overlords for a chance to drink sugar that tastes like different sugar

Will you be participating in the #PepsiSweepstakes #HangingwithmyPEEPS?

I hope you will be one of the lucky 3,000 people to drink the sweet nectar of Pepsi Peeps!

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