Pepsi fails by making Coke into a Superhero in Halloween ad

Pepsi originally thought they had Coke beat with this Halloween ad, but Coke’s unofficial response is actually much, MUCH better than Pepsi’s original concept.

Pepsi's original ad: We wish you a scary Halloween! Coke's response: Everybody wants to be a hero!

(source: thenextweb)

First off, a red cape is not scary. What was Pepsi thinking that putting a red cape on a can makes it scary? Red capes immediately say Superman. If they wanted something scary, they would have used a black cape. But they wanted that Coca-Cola red. Perhaps there needed to be more of a vampire feel. Vampires sometimes wear red capes, right? Maybe the inside should have been red with the outside black.

Even if there was a Vampire reference, aren’t vampires cool? I personally think vampires are so not in anymore. Vampires were so last decade. Same thing with zombies. Everything is zombies. Boooring!

What would have been funny is if Pepsi make Coca-Cola seem really boring because Coke tries to be a vampire. THAT would be hilarious.

One of these days, either Pepsi or Coke should make an ad about how their competitor’s soda is actually poison. But that’s what that crap is. Poison. Delicious poison, but it’s poison. One week ago today I stayed up until 2am and drank three Cokes. I’m still recovering from the sickness. No joke. Now THAT is scary.

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