Photographing the inside of our shopping bags and refrigerators

Regular contents of my shopping bag: Hot Wheels, yogurt, and chocolate

Sometimes when I go errand shopping at Target, I’ll photograph the contents of my bag at the self checkout. It’s fun seeing the collection of the stuff you regularly pick up. Fun to me anyways.

I should photograph the inside of our fridge some day. I’d love to see a photograph of the inside of my grandparents fridge.

Maybe I’ll make that a project. Photograph the interior of people’s refrigerators. This would be a private project, people probably don’t want the contents of their fridge to be publicly available to everyone. Or the lack of organizational structure in the fridge.

It would be fun ten years later to mail someone a photo of their fridge from the past.

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Tom Saaristo
3 years ago

Maybe you don’t recall, but I had a “What’s inside your refrigerator?” contest over on Xanga ‘back in the day’ and people submitted their photos which were all posted. I chose a winner … and they won something, I just don’t remember what that was. The glory of winning surely wouldn’t have been enough! I still recall the winners photos (staying power!) so I’m pretty confident I chose correctly LOL

Tom Saaristo
3 years ago
Reply to  Matt Maldre

As near as I recall I chose the winner because they were great photos. The lighting was great and the contents of the refrigerator were very neatly organized. Some people just opened their fridge and snapped a picture. I was turned off by dirty refrigerators and messy organization. Honestly, if you’re going to enter a contest aren’t you going to at least TRY to take a good picture?

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