Photos that float in the sky right after photographing

Multi-layered reflections

Five tourists armed with cameras were taking photos of the Trump Tower architecture. As they were shooting, I wanted their photos to fly magically into the air for me to see. We have technology now that allows people instantly share their photos and for us to search for new photos based on location.

But I was getting this vision of when someone takes the photo it automatically somehow floats in the air for everyone to see. And then if I liked that photo, I can go ahead and just grab it from the sky and save it to my own device. Or maybe I could walk up to the photo and leave a voice comment.

Or maybe when the photo is floating in the sky, I can go up to the person who shot it and have a conversation with that person, but then there can be other people online who can join in on discussing the photo.

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10 years ago

I have other plans (commercial) for the idea, but you can use it to grab photos from the air. 1. make/take/select an image file. 2. tag it with the GPS location you’d like to “find” it at. 3. use your geolocation display program in your mobile device. You’ll only see/find the image if you put your mobile device in correct target location – in the sky. Or is this redundant? and blind to your own geotagging of above image? if you’ve got better tools to achieve goal, please post about them. Virtual galleries, virtual posters/art will be fun!

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