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Video: Snowflakes gently landing on the Picasso in Chicago

Happy little snowflakes softly land on the cold hard metal of the Picasso sculpture. Such a beautiful scene: the contrast of the white snowflake against the dark, aged corten steel.

I find this two-minute, 46-second video very calming. Nothing “happens” in this video. Just snowflakes falling down. Landing. Sitting. Then all of the sudden scooting.

It’s kinda funny how quickly the snowflakes scoot along. Just sitting there quietly—then ZIP—a few of them dash along. It’s like they are super-speed flakes.

And some of the flakes dash individually. Many of them run together in a large mass. This is a bit like how traffic moves in Chicago.

A few favorite moments in this video

  • 0:13 car horn, softly
  • 1:16 first person walks by
  • 1:23 second person walks by
  • 1:57 wind picks up and blows a bunch of the snow
  • 2:11 church bells start to ring, softly

I’d love to have a webcam just on this all day long

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  1. Matt Maldre February 26, 2019 at 1:09 pm #

    The coreten steel was a bit cold. I was resting my hands on the steel to steady my camera for over two minutes. I should have been wearing my gloves. I took them off to record this. But well worth the few minutes of cold.

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