Wipeout on the Picasso

Last year I was able to walk on the base of the Picasso sculpture in the snow. Only at the end did I slip a little. (Blog post, video)

This morning a fresh blanket of snow covered Chicago, including the iconic statue by Pablo Picasso.

Chicago Picasso in the snow

I walked up to the Picasso to admire the beauty of how the snow falls on the steel base. I couldn’t resist trying to walk on the snow, up the sloping base.

Wow, was it ever slippery! My very first step was a wipeout.

Watch the video:

My six-year-old iPhone totally fell into the snow on the Picasso. I picked it up, and brushed the snow off the camera, thinking, “well, this phone had a good life. If it dies now, this will be a fun way to die.”

This is what the phone sees when buried with the camera facing down in the snow.

Unedited photo. Phone sees snow. Gray gray snow.

If you average out the color from this image, you get rgb(143, 139, 136). Thus, #8f8b88 is the color of Picasso snow.

picasso snow color 8f8b88

The phone survived the Picasso wipeout.

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