A slow modem is a pigeon

Do you have a modem that is really slow? Then you have pigeon! If it takes a long time to load a webpage, you might as well load that page via a carrier pigeon. Thus, your modem is like a pigeon.

I submitted this new definition for pigeon to Urban Dictionary:


A slow modem. When your internet connection is really sluggish, you might have a pigeon for a modem.

The pigeon provided by my cable company is so incredibly slow.

Let’s hope the linguistic elitists at Urban Dictionary accept my definition.

Interesting side fact:
The dictionary definition for modem is: A combined device for modulation and demodulation, for example, between the digital data of a computer and the analog signal of a telephone line.

Thus, modem is short for MODulation and DEModulation. Incredible! I love internet.

My definition was accepted by Urban Dictionary!

Pigeon definintion
Urban Dictionary no longer lets you link directly to specific definitions, so here’s a screenshot:

Pigeon definition on urbandictionary


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