Play “Beat the Streak” on and you could win $20 in 2009 has a game called Beat the Streak where you try to put together a hitting streak to beat baseball’s legendary record of 56 games. Choose one player every day who you think will get at least one base hit. If your player gets a hit, your streak is extended. If he fails to get a hit, your streak ends and you can start a new one.

Be the first eligible participant to get a hit in 57 straight games and win $1,000,000 in cash.

I’m also doing my own little pool/league and if you win the league, you get $20 via paypal from me!

How to join the Amazing League:

1) Send me a message via the spudart contact form

2) I’ll send you an invite to join our private league via

3) You click on the link in the email and join the league.

So far nobody has ever defeated me in Beat the Streak. One year I got an 11-game streak. Last year I won with 12 games. Think you can beat that? If you get the longest streak in the Amazing League, you get $20. It’s totally free to join my league. I’m offering the twenty bucks out of my pocket just to make it interesting. One year, we had about 10 people in the league.

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15 years ago

Here’s a tip to anyone who is considering playing BTS (Beat the Streak): Start a player who is playing against the team with the worst ERA in baseball. As of May 4th, The Yankees have the worst team ERA in baseball. The Orioles are second worst and the Indians are third.

15 years ago

I can’t believe you relied on a white sock to maintain your streak and it paid off. My longest streak end at 4 last week with melvin mora getting a big bagel.

15 years ago

Everyone in our league has an active streak. ryanwestrom has a 3 game streak active, i have a 4 game streak active, and spudart has a ten game streak active! yesterday’s picks that allowed everyone to keep going: spudart: Willie Bloomquist dascenzofan: Joe Mauer ryanwestrom: Adam Jones I have Justin Morneau going today.

15 years ago

matt’s streak ended at 10. mine ended at 5. ryan’s ended at 3. Nick Markakis ended my streak going 0 for 4 yesterday.

15 years ago

I’m starting Big Poopie now that he has a new nickname. Nothing can stop Big Poopie.

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