Poem to Chicago’s Pigeon Man, Joseph Zeman

(photo courtesy Chicago Tribune)

Oh Pigeon Man of Lincoln Square,

With fire hydrant as your chair,

You fed the pigeons with such care.

You even let them sit in your hair!

In 2007 a Chevrolet Geo van

Struck Mr. Joseph Zeman.

Chicago pigeons lost their biggest fan.

The old plaza they now scan.

The pigeons get together and contend

“What will we do? Is this the end?

Upon Good ol’ Joe we did depend

He was our very best friend.”

Here’s a photo of Joseph Zeman on flickr:

the pigeon man.

You can read Chicagoan’s comments in the Chicago Tribune forum. Or feel free to leave a comment here on this post.

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16 years ago

I too was saddened to read about Pigeon Man and plan on setting up some type of memorial at his hydrant. Perhpas readers will do the same.

Tom Saaristo
16 years ago

You’re not going to believe this (OK, maybe you will), but I came over today specifically hoping to see an homage to the Pigeon Man from you. You didn’t disappoint. You never do. My prayers are with Joseph Zeman as he transistions from this life.

R.P. McMurphy
R.P. McMurphy
16 years ago

These are the most remedial rhymes ever. I can’t believe someone actually wrote this that isn’t in third grade. I am offended for Joe. I can get honoring him, because he was a cool cat, but this isn’t a way to do so. If you really appreciated or respected him, you would have taken more than two and a half minutes to write something about him.

Nolan Chan
Nolan Chan
16 years ago

muwahahaha…R.P McMurphy yelled at you!!!

16 years ago

What a wonderful homage. You can leave a message to Joe on findagrave.com, just search for Joe Zeman, I also paid homage to him. thanks for this poem.

15 years ago

To help keep his memory alive, I posted some of my photos in this album: http://www.Flickr.com/Photos/BADigiFoto/Sets/72157603778218468

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