Prison construction released to the public

Ben Katchor has such unique views of urban life. Here he draws the parallel of how the durability of prison construction is eventually adopted by the outside world.

Tamper-proof toilets and sinks.
Detention grade mattresses with welded seams.

My favorite part is when a released prisoner recognizes the riot-proof seating in waiting room.

Prison Style by Ben Katchor

In a webcomic from the September 2013 issue of Metropolis, Katchor draws another parallel with prison life and studio apartment life:
Ben Katchor: Private prison

We all can tend to follow the same routines every day. Do these routines put us into a sort of prison? Shine some light into your life and mix things up a bit. Drive a different way to work. Stop and take photos of sidewalk cracks. Or give Katchor’s books a try on Amazon. He has a very quirky and quiet perspective on the subtleties of living in a city.

(Disclaimer: The Amazon links in this blog post are affiliate links, so I can make a few extra coins to help pay for a fraction of the cost to host this website. #CommissionsEarned)

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