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%%title%% has 15,000 works of art from over 3,000 artists represented by over 200 of the world’s most respected galleries and museums. (AUG 4, 2016 UPDATE: now 350,000 images by 50,000 artists). They describe their site: The people behind are big peeps:

  • Sebastian Cwilich, a former executive at Christie’s Auction House
  •’s Senior Advisor is John Elderfield, Chief Curator Emeritus of Painting and Sculpture at the Museum of Modern Art, New York.
  • Investor Peter Thiel, founder of Paypal
  • Investor Jack Dorsey, creator of Twitter
  • Advisor Joe Kennedy, CEO of Pandora

The website invite only, and I got in! They have a feedback form, and last night I sent them 12 separate questions. Here’s the archive of my questions:

  1. How do I find specific galleries or museums on
  2. Can I sort the artwork for sale by price? I love collecting, but I don’t have the deep pockets to pay $1000.
  3. It is possible to share my art wall/collection with others?
  4. When I click “View your collection on wall” Many of the image appear really small. As in, under 30×30 pixels.
  5. Is there an iPad app in development for Several reasons why would be a great fit for the iPad
    A) I really enjoy browsing the site. The iPad is primarily a browsing device.
    B) is very visual. The iPad makes visuals look stunning
    C) Art-type people love apple.
    D) The iPad is a higher end device, thus attracting a higher end audience. One that would be interested in the higher end quality of
  6. Do my submissions automatically get emailed back to me? Reasons why form submissions on should be auto-emailed to the user:
    A) When I get an auto-reply email with the contents of my email, it makes me feel like my submission actually got through.
    B) I like to have a record of what I sent.
  7. Do you keep track of what people search for on the site? I searched for a bunch of artists on the site that weren’t on here yet. It might be cool for you to track what people are searching for and then fill in the gaps with the artists that people most frequently try to find.
  8. For the artists I’m following:
    A) Will I get notifications when there is new artwork on the website by them?
    B) Will I get notifications when they are showing at particular museums?
  9. If you establish “friends” on this site, can I get notifications when a friend of mine adds artwork from an artist that I like?
  10. For the artists I like, but aren’t on the site; can you make a waiting list for these artists? It would be cool to get a notification when a particular artist I like gets to be on
  11. Can I get alerts when new artwork for sale under $100 is added to
  12. As a member of, can I send invites to my friends? Everyone is so jealous that I got in!

I wonder if the people are freaking out because some guy sent them 12 different messages with questions. Then again, maybe they will appreciate my insight and hire me as a consultant to their site.

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