Questions for Topps and Beckett Media

Topps @reply percentage on twitter

Do you think the #1 trading card manufacturer (topps) and the official trading card pricing experts (Beckett Media) would respond to you if you had questions for them?

I tweeted a different question every day for nine days to these experts and got zero responses. Granted, Beckett Media responds to no tweets. But @toppscards does reply to tweet questions. Of their 19,188 tweets; 61.3% of them are @replies. You’d think Topps would reply to some of my questions.

@beckettmedia I have your 2010 Baseball Card Price Guide. What do the 1st and 2nd columns of prices mean? Nowhere in the 800-page book does it explain.

Did overall values of baseball cards drop during and immediately after the 94 strike? @beckettmedia @toppscards

@toppscards Do you know of anyone that is offering a service to give cards and aged patina? (aka beat up cards to poor condition)

@beckettmedia Will you consider having your magazine covers go back to the elegant style of the late 80s early 90s?

@beckettmedia If get the autograph of Kosuke Fukudome’s babysitter, would that be worth anything? #ihaveaconnection

@toppscards Has anyone ever done analysis of the percentage of types of poses in each year’s Topps set? 2012 has lots of leaping photos

@toppscards When players sign “autograph issue” cards, do you allow the player to write inscriptions?

@toppscards Are there any books or blogs written by baseball autograph hounds?

@beckettmedia hey, you might want to grab @becketmedia, it’s available. I almost tweeted to that handle.

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