Quotes by Matt Maldre

Everyone should have their own collection of insightful quotes they have said. Thanks to the age of the internet, I’m able to go back to previous blog posts and comments to find some of my sayings.

“Giving thanks are the concrete steps to happiness”
Matt Maldre, 2008

“Walking backwards is a lot like life. You can’t really see where you going, only where you’ve been. You can kinda know where you are going, but you never know exactly what’s ahead.”
Matt Maldre, circa 1997

“Because we live on a globe, wherever you are, you are on top of the world.”
Matt Maldre, 2003

“With large umbrellas, come large responsibilities.”
Matt Maldre, 2003

“There’s a fine line between a sharp pencil and dull pencil.”
Matt Maldre, 2003

“Age is not how old you are, but how many years of fun you’ve had.”
Matt Maldre, 2007

“There’s none better traction than the treads on your own two shoes.”
Matt Maldre, 2008

“Do not throw away unused napkins.”
Matt Maldre, 2008

“Tourists who go to outer space should stay out there.”
Matt Maldre, 2008 (IM conversation with Lisa S)

“Every person has their own black hole inside their head.”
Matt Maldre, 2008 (IM conversation with Lisa S, just minutes after the previous quote about outer space)

“I like the word ‘understanding,’ because it’s standing under something. We always try to climb on top of things, instead of getting underneath.”
Matt Maldre, circa 2008

“It is better to dork, than to not dork.”
Matt Maldre, 2008

“Always rip a paper towel in half before using.”
Matt Maldre, 2009

“Cuz sometimes somethings just gotta be in all caps.”
Matt Maldre, 2009

“Chocolate chips are like all caps.”
Matt Maldre, 2010

“The back row gives you freedom.”
Matt Maldre, 2010

Update to the understanding quote: 
“Understanding is standing under something together.”
Matt Maldre, 2016

“When we hold onto time tightly by the minute, is when we feel that time flies by the year.”
Matt Maldre, 2019

“Daddy sleeves are tissues for daughter tears.”
Matt Maldre, 2020 (Actually, I first said this in conversation with my 4-year-old daughter)

I encourage anyone to write something down if you or someone else says something insightful.

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Tom Saaristo
15 years ago

How timely! I recently started a word document listing my original quotes!

Tall Expression
15 years ago

whoo, whoo, I’m in! I feel so special!!! my favorite saying is….” Age is not how old you are, but how many years of fun you ve had.” Matt Maldre, 2007 and “With large umbrellas, come large responsibilities” Matt Maldre, 2003 believe me, you should see my eh.. umbrellas!!! so much….too much…. I can’t take it!! Calgon!!!

Tall Expression
15 years ago

To dork or not to dork? Is that the questions… ?I love dorks, never talk about my dorks… I’m a dork! Yeah, dorks and geeks rule the planet!!! As it should be.. Adrienne,

15 years ago

here’s one from me from about a year ago: “I only like math when it’s in my favor”. -erik maldre 2007

Lisa Schryver
Lisa Schryver
15 years ago

One of my favorite Matt-ributes is the fact that you can have two conversations in one with him. The first conversation is what YOU think you’re talking about with him. The second conversation is what the conversation morphs into after he adds his little interjections. (See previous posts above for examples.) In that conversation, we started out talking about weird happenings in space and ended up with several new quotes! How do ya like that?!

Lisa Schryver
Lisa Schryver
15 years ago

“If you’re going to make a weird salad, at least make it a good weird salad.” — Lisa S., 2008

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