Reimjedesilbeinjederzeile: rhyming every syllable in each line

While putting away laundry, I tweaked my right knee, prompting me to lie down and think of this poem:

At first I was thinking about how “knee” and “laundry” rhymed. Then I needed something to ryhme with the “laun” of “laundry.” “Gone” seemed nice. Then the “right” and “night” made sense, as did “popped” and “stopped.”

Is there a term for rhyming every syllable in each line? The Germans would call it

Reimjedesilbeinjederzeile (translated: rhyming every syllable in each line)

I’ll make this into a blog post! The Germans would call that Ichwerdediesineinemblogpostmachen (translated: I’ll make this into a blog post)

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Sarah Renee
10 years ago

I love portmanteau words! Oh, and nice use of internal rhymes and end rhymes…this takes some doing… 😉

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