Request stats from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago

Most popular day to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago

What facts and figures would you like the Museum of Contemporary Art to share with the public?

The museum has a webpage with various facts and figures. Data points like:

  • 21% of the words in their collection are named “Untitled.”
  • 38% of their visitors come on Tuesday, the free day

The MCA is asking what facts and figures you’d like to learn about. The ten stats I would like to see from the MCA:

  1. What are the most-visited artworks online from your collection?
  2. What are the most commonly used search terms on your site?
  3. Are there are artist’s names that bring traffic to your site from Google?
  4. Which artworks in your collection online have the lowest bounce rate?
  5. Which entry pages on your site yield the highest conversion to membership purchases?
  6. Who are the top ten people who tweet at-replies to @mcachicago?
  7. What are the five most popular items in the gift store?
  8. What are the five most popular postcards of (art in the MCA collection) in the gift store?
  9. Which artwork has the highest ratio of most views online to least postcard purchases in the gift store?
  10. Ok, this one is a weird question, but bear with me. Can you take the total attendance every day and compare that against the amount of how much paper towels have to be replaced in the bathrooms? I’d like to see the ratio of which shows were at the museum had the most paper towel consumption in the bathrooms. I know, weird! But here’s the reason: the more paper towels being used means that people are staying at the museum longer. The longer someone is in the museum, the more likely they are to use the washroom. Of course, this stat would require that someone has to keep track of how much paper towels are being filled up in the bathrooms on a daily or weekly basis. Which I’m certain is not being done. But given the rationale behind this stat, perhaps the museum might start keeping track.

Question number six is a narcissistic question on my part. I asked it, so they will answer that I will appear in the top ten. And if I’m not, then I need to at-reply them more!

And for question ten, I was going to suggest toilet paper usage, but that was a bit too potty-esque. I want my question to be taken seriously!

What stats would you like the MCA to share? Please left your thoughts in the comments below. Thank you.

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