RO*TEL® cheese sauce from McAlisters

The RO*TEL® cheese sauce from McAlisters is sooooo good. Spicy and tasty! Although my stomach does get quite the tummy ache an hour after having some. Well worth it.

Solution: Now I just have some Beano® before having any the ROTEL® cheese. Tummy is happy. Tastebuds are happy. Abundance of registration marks are happy.

This sauce is so good, you’d think McAlisters would have it on lots of menu items. Nope. Only one potato and two nacho offerings: the Veggie Spud, Nacho Basket, and Ultimate Nachos.

Don’t let that stop you from enjoying the creamy cheesy dip. RO*TEL® cheese sauce is available as a “Spud Extra”!

I’m going to order rotel cheese sauce on the SpudMax™, effectively making it a SpudDOUBLEMAX™!

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