Running into people in the aisles of Google

Browsing through the public library, you see others standing in the same subject aisle as yourself. But when you Google something, you don’t see others doing the same search as you.

Google should have an option where you can turn on public searching. You can then see when others are searching similar topic areas as yourself. Your public searching options could be open to everyone on the internet. Or to just people within your circle.

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12 years ago

The privacy (and safety) issues alone would prevent google from every doing this. That said, I think it’s a neat idea. It would be totally possible for this functionality to be created using a browser plugin/addon… just need to find someone to write it. 🙂

Lisa Schryver
Lisa Schryver
12 years ago

I thought that was sort of the point of Google+ No?

12 years ago

Ha. That’s funny. This concept really does play off the whole notion that you can inspect everything that someone is buying in the checkout lane. In the context of your post, it’s rather funny to think you can enter a stranger’s life by judging every single item they place on the store’s conveyor belt and that’s okay.

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