Maybe one blog post per day?

I’m going back to my old method of scheduling blog posts.

The beginning part of this year, I was doing great! Making about 20-30 blog posts per month. I wasn’t scheduling blog posts. As soon as I wrote the post, I would publish it. Some days I’d make multiple blog posts. I would just post whenever. The idea was to keep an easy and immediate flow.

  • January 2020: 29 posts
  • February 2020: 17 posts
  • March 2020: 20 posts

But then stay-at-home happened. In April, I published five posts.

  • April 2020: 5 posts
  • May 2020: 6 posts
Too many empty days in this blog post calendar


Now when I write multiple posts in a day, I’m going to spread the posts out over several days. One post per day will appear.

When I wasn’t running a schedule, the motivation was having me post all the time. Now the motivation is to have one post per day.

I REALLY like the idea of the blog being something where you can make multiple posts a day. But with the stay-at-home, I just feel more dry. I don’t have as many observations. I really thrive on commuting. Walking. Being downtown. Seeing activity. Being a part of activity. Being a part of civilization. I consider myself a Public Spaces Artist. But now the “Public Spaces” part of me has been taken away.

Maybe this one post per day will help to give me new motivation.

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