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Science fiction is totally cool

Sci fi is totally cool vintage poster

Poster 1: Science Fiction is totally cool


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Target Earth: vintage movie posterGiant alien robots invade Chicago! Death rays shoot out of their eyes. The campy setup makes for a great B-movie sci-fi thriller poster. What could be more fun? Swap out the killer robot from Venus; and put in a giant mole with death rays shooting out from his eyes!

The poor Akora fennec fox gets caught in the mole’s path. She’s trying to use her large ears and tail to shade herself from the piercing death rays. The Worm pops out his hole–and much to his dismay–totally freaks out. We never knew worms had teeth, but here this one does! And a tongue to boot.

I created this poster as part of a series of three sci-fi posters to help illustrate the etymology of the phrase “science fiction.” (view webcomic) This particular poster starts off the explanation with how I think science fiction simply means totally cool.

To help somewhat match the fonts used in the original poster from 1954, provided a nice selection in their “horror” category. I’ve never looked through the horror fonts on the site. The font used in the title, Mrs. Monster has a nice marker-drawn feel, is bold and somewhat condensed. This monster-themed font from Iconian comes in 15 styles! More than enough weights and versions to spook your heart out!

The footer with the credits is done in DK Fiebiger Zwei by Hanoded Fonts. This deco font has super-cool triangle shapes, and luscious curls.

The colors on the poster were shifted a bit from the original to keep in with my color scheme. All three posters should go well together, so they all use a blue/yellow/green palette.

Sci fi is totally cool vintage poster

Poster 1
Science Fiction is totally cool
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Sci fi is Knowledge Fiction vintage poster

Poster 2
Science Fiction is knowledge fiction
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Sci fi is Knowledge Invention vintage poster

Poster 3
Science Fiction is knowledge invention
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