Scoreboard watching or on-field watching

Second to last row!

When at a sporting event, do you spend more time watching the video on the scoreboard or the field? It’s tempting to watch the big screen, because it’s able to zoom in on the action better. But then, what’s the point of being at the stadium? I like watching live sports, because you can look at the things that happen off camera.

Last week I sat in the second to last row in Orlando watching the Magic play the Brooklyn Nets. The scoreboard was closer to me than the actual players. But I focused on watching the players battle under the hoop. You don’t get to see all the pushing and shoving and battling for position on tv.

The only time I really focused on the scoreboard in Orlando was before the game. They had this thing called the oblivious cam. They would put the camera on someone who wasn’t paying attention (eating, typing on cellphone, talking) and they had a timer counter at the bottom. It would count down the time that the person didn’t realize they were on the oblivious cam. While it sounds silly. And it also sounds like they are suggesting that you have to always watch the scoreboard before the game. But it’s fun to watch people totally oblivious to the fact that thousands of people are watching them do nothing.

I was so high up, that the light didn’t shine on our seats, so it was so dark that the camera never showed us. So I guess I didn’t really have to watch the oblivious cam. It certainly had this fear tactic that people had to watch it, otherwise they could be totally embarrassed.

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11 years ago

who won the game?

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