The highest scoring Scrabble word using your name

Scrabble tiles: MATTHEW and WARMTH

Let’s play a game where we take the letters of your first name, and put them onto a Scrabble rack, along with a blank tile. What would the be the highest scoring word?

A Scrabble word finder is an immense help to calculate the highest scoring word from those letters. We include the blank tile with the first name, because it makes the resulting letters more fun. To make the word finder use a blank letter, just type in #.

The letters from MATTHEW, along with the blank tile results in a 13-point word: WARMTH. Isn’t that cool!?

  • Branden# gets: 10 points
    Two words: branned (no wild card tile needed) and endbrain
  • Bradley# gets: 13-points
    badgerly, benadryl, bladdery, diablery, dryable, readably
  • Fredrick#: 16 points
    defrock, flicked, frocked

I want to take the top 1,000 baby names, and see which name generates the highest score. I’ll trying to modify this PHP script to loop through a list of 1,000 names. When I get the results, I’ll blog about it.

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