Search for duck puns on duckduckgo

Searching for duck puns on duckduckgo

I keep forgetting that I have duckduckgo set as my default browser. Just now I searched for duck puns in Chrome. Up comes the DuckDuckGo website with their duck logo, and “duck puns” in the search bar. Pretty amusing!

What would be the equivalent experience on Google? It wouldn’t be searching for Google on Google. People do that all the time—and it’s too literal. Instead, maybe the equivalent would be like googling: nonsense words.

A local Chicago TV station tweeted a few ADORABLE pics of some baby ducks at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. I simply had to reply with something clever—hence the search for duck puns.

Six new ducklings born at @shedd_aquarium are spending their first days bonding with their mother:  #ChicagoTonight

Here’s my cheesy reply:

And the daddy duck says, “Little ones, I’m your Feather.”

I got that joke from the second result on DuckDuckGo, a comment on Reddit.

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5 years ago

So this brings to mind Duck Duck Goose, which I imagine we all played in preschool. When I first moved to MN I was totally rattled when people called it Duck Duck “Gray Duck.” Quacks!

5 years ago
Reply to  Matt Maldre

So I wonder where the goose comes from? Canada? =)


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