Can I search through my Instagram favorites?

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t let you search through your favorites. You can see a grid of your favorite photos. But there is no search. If there is a photo you fav’d a while ago, and you want to pull it back up, good luck! You’ll have to scroll and scroll through your favs list to find it. Or if you happen to remember who photographed the image, you can scroll and scroll their their feed.

Instragram. Good times. /s

However, there is a service that does let you search your favs.

Great! What service is that?

Good ol’ Flickr!

Flickr allows you search through all your favs. Over the course of 13 years, I have faved 32 images related to Paris. How do I know? I searched “Paris” in my Flickr favs.

Searching my flickr favs for Paris

You can even sort the results by: Relevant, Date uploaded, Date taken, Interesting.

Relevant, Date uploaded, Date taken, Interesting.

Do you remember liking the photo during a particular time? Great! Flickr lets you look through all your favs within any time span you define.

Date taken

Wanna see all your favs color-coded? Flickr does that.

Flickr's color-coded search

Flickr is awesome. Instagram is not.

Use Flickr.

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