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Apple finally updated their Mac Mini model today, after four years of neglect. I love the Mac Mini. I have an old model that I use as a hard drive server. I couldn’t remember the model number of my Mini, so I headed to pinboard where I keep over 12,000 bookmarks.

Doing a search for “mini” in my bookmarks yields some fun results.

mini planets
mini planets
it’s fun thinking about connecting planets together with a string

mini ninja spy
Mini ninja spy
a fun blog post

Jackson Pollock Mini Cooper
Jackson Pollock Mini Cooper

mini pathways
mini pathways
I like how mini pathways are carved in the snow for bus boarding

mini dinosaurs
mini dinosaurs
I must have bookmarked this for some art project.

And some dead links:

  • mini pixel icons: Over 320 mini pixel icons! All Free! These mini icons are designed at 14×14px with transparent background.
  • mini tape gun: It’s a fully functional tape gun in a new mini size. Based upon the same classic design, the Mini Tape Gun dispenses a standard roll of clear tape.
  • Mini mall: Vine video with the caption, “The sound of rain on a mini mall awning reminds me of camping in a tent during the rain”
  • Godzilla Mini Plush: from thinkgeek.

So I did find the bookmark with my Mac Mini. Mine is from 2011! I thought I had the latest model from 2014. Back in 2011, I bought it for $599. With inflation, that would be $669.90 today.

The starting price for the Mac Mini Apple released today is $799. Ouch! $799 for the cheapest Mac Mini. That is not the spirit of the Mac Mini. The Mini is the affordable Macintosh that you can do fun things with. $799 is too much. Apple should price the entry model mini at $699 at the highest. Not $799. $799 is not a Mini price. Ha. That’s a funny pun I made.

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