Self-portrait reflections in modern art

Self-portrait reflection in modern art

Wanna be in art? Head on over to your nearest art museum and stand in front of a framed work of art. You’ll see yourself in the reflection. Snap a photo and now you are officially in the art!

It would be great if people would post photos of themselves in modern art.

Above is a collection of photos with me inside a Joseph Albers. I purposely framed my hands with the iphone inside the center square of each serigraph. The iPhone captures the contemporary nature of viewing art in the 21st century. The art preserved on the wall from its time in 1965. Outside the art is 2011. The viewer with the newly released iPhone 4S.

Time parallels itself.

I’ll be posting more photos of self-portrait reflections in modern art. I hope others will join me in this reflective journey.

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12 years ago

you have the iphone 4s? with that 8 megapixel camera that’s supposed to take “stunning” photos according to Apple’s commercial?

12 years ago

it’d be interesting and probably actually annoying if you did different poses in each photo. You were prob better off just keeping the same pose.

12 years ago

oooh yeah. viewing the artwork via your iphone. I really like that. It reminds me of that scene in Oceans Eleven where the dude is watching a hotel being imploded on his television when the actual event was happening outside his window.

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