Should I take painting or ceramics?


My local art center Lill Street starts their classes next week. They offer both ceramics and painting (and lots of other classes). I have a list of ceramics projects I’d like to do, but whenever I take ceramics, it totally dominates my life for ten weeks. Painting sounds cool, but I don’t have any clear idea of what I’d like to paint. I do have a collection of paintings I like in an album on my iPhone (seen in photo above).

I’m leaning towards the encaustic painting class, because it’s just five weeks. And it’s one that i’m most excited about. The oil painting and ceramics are more like, “I want to take an art class, sooooo…”

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10 years ago

Ceramics might be better down the road Matt. Sounds to involved at the moment…plus timing! I would opt for the painting…Explore new mediums! GL

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