Should you bring a baseball bat to the voting booth?

I almost brought my bat with me to vote

Every year my company, Tribune Media Services, used to have award ceremonies. One of the awards was Rookie of the Year with the trophy/plaque thing being an actual Louisville Slugger baseball bat customized with the recipient’s name and his/her first year at the company.

I won the award in 2000. Today I was going to bring my Rookie of the Year bat into work. But then I realized I was going to my polling place to vote. I thought it would be strange to bring a baseball bat into the voting booth.

But my all-American friend Jed pointed out, “it seems appropriate. Baseball and voting are two of the most American things.” Good point! And I could have driven a pickup truck to the polling place too–instead of walking over. Pickup trucks are so much more American than walking. 😉

The year I won the baseball bat, the awards were at Harry Caray’s. The walls in this restaurant are covered in baseball memorabilia. Upong leaving with a baseball bat in my hands, it felt like I was stealing something off the wall. However, the ride home on the subway felt very safe. Actually, not really, because carrying a baseball bat on the subway makes you feel like an instigator.

My cousin Peter Kreten points out, “If I saw someone walking down the street with a bat, I would get nervous.” Especially when the person with the bat has a ski mask and scarf on–as I did today.

Now I wish I brought the baseball bat with me to the polling place. Just for the experience.

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