Sidewalks communicate what type of town you have

The Symbols in the City” by Tiffany Owens Reed of Strong Towns

Or, let’s take sidewalks. So many of ours here in Waco are extremely skinny, overgrown with grass, often existing only in disconnected segments or, in some parts of town, entirely non-existent. It’s one matter to consider what this means from a technical or design perspective; it’s another entirely to think about what this situation represents. What do these sidewalks in their various states and conditions communicate to us about our values and priorities? What do they communicate about who belongs here?  

I’m glad to have grown up in the city where there are always sidewalks. Now, I live in a suburb that has sidewalks. There are a few areas along some of my walk routes that do not have sidewalks, and it feels so weird.

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