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Six reasons why red M&M’s are the perfect treat for a Supermoon lunar eclipse

The best candy to eat while enjoying a Supermoon lunar eclipse

What is the perfect snack to enjoy while watching the moon turns red and slowly disappears? I found myself pondering this question while sitting on my back porch watching this rare celestial event. Digging through the pantry, M&M’s became the answer for the perfect treat to enjoy during a Supermoon lunar eclipse.

1. The moon is round. M&M’s are round.

2. The Supermoon is red. M&M’s come in red.

3. The moon looks so tiny, it seems like it can fit in your hand. M&M’s fit in your hand.

4. The moon starts with the letter M. M&M’s start and end with M.

5. M&M’S® have been a part of every space shuttle mission since Columbia first launched on April 12, 1981. (source: Mars)

6. The eclipsing moon eventually disappearas. M&M’s disappear when you eat them.

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