Snowflakes are actually aliens

Michigan Avenu bridge Tribune Tower snowplow

What we normally know as snow that falls from the sky are actually aliens invading the Earth. Imagie each snowflake is an alien. That would make for billions–jazillions of aliens! They say each snowflake is unique, making each alien a unique and precious creature.

Snowflakes actually being aliens may sound crazy and even unbelieveable, but that’s what the U.S. Government wants you to think. Long ago, they named these creatures “snow”¬ù in order to keep people from freaking out. But there’s no reason to freak out, because these aliens are peaceable and loving, although they are known to have a bit of a prankster streak, making people slip and fall.

These aliens come to our planet to give us a new perspective of our planet. They transform our landscape by covering everything in a white blanket. They also visit to give us some fun. Ever throw an alienball? Or make a snowalien? Yeah, that’s actually the result of millions of aliens all working together to give you a more fun day.
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16 years ago

So I take it that these aliens don’t like salt.

16 years ago

oh my gosh, you may be right…

Tom Saaristo
16 years ago

I love this! Snowflakes are aliens. Each uniquely different … even to the point where some are happy and friendly and others … not so much. Maybe the happy and friendly aliens are the ones that transform the landscape into a thing of beauty. And maybe the ones that aren’t so very happy are the ones that say “I will land in the street and become ugly grey-black sludge that makes people slip and cars slide! Muahahahaha!”

15 years ago

Wow, this is the dumbest thing I have ever seen and heard of in my entire life. WHY WOULD YOU THINK ALIENS ARE SNOWFLAKES!!!???? Snowflakes are frozen water that secrets out of clouds, which…by the way…clouds are evaporated water!!!! SO HOW IS A SNOWFLAKE AN ALIEN!!!!????? this is stupid!!!!

14 years ago

Brilliant! Wow. All this time … I thought ONLY the bugs were aliens! But this makes sense, more bugs are around in nice weather, so when it gets cold, the “snow” takes over! whoa. that’s heavy stuff! Aliens apparently work in shifts. be careful. the government may be watching now.

13 years ago

i actually was doing a work for english, where we have to covince my class about something n i just created this one, n looking on google i saw u had t same idea 😀 thank u, u helped m to c it from a different way 😉

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