Snow during social isolation can be nice

Top of magnolia tree covered with snow in Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Whenever snow falls in April, it always is a bit of a surprise. We tend to think of April as a spring month. The temperatures start warming up. And then boom. Snow. Snow? Really?

When there isn’t a global pandemic keeping everyone at home, I can understand how most people don’t want to see the snow. We want warmer temps.

But for those working from home during the lockdown, this April snow is a sort of test for you. Can you enjoy something beautiful from your window that will last only until dinnertime? Or will you complain about it?

During this covid-19 lockdown, our windows become more of a form of entertainment. You look outside to see what’s happening, but you don’t really go outside. So if there’s snow, then yeah! Nice view. Pretty. You don’t have to walk or drive in it. Even if you do go outside, the sidewalks are instantly clear, because the snow never accumulated on their warm surface. By dinnertime, all the snow everywhere melts away.

Enjoy the view.

I didn’t even bother going outside, I just took some photos from my back door of our magnolia tree.

Magnolia tree branches holding snow in Glen Ellyn, Illinois

And then I took some photos of the same magnolia tree from my daughter’s bedroom window.

Magnolia tree covered in snow, captured with time lapse in Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Shot using the “Slow Shutter” iOS app. The “Light Trail” option captures the motion of the snow moving down. Over 8 seconds, every snowflake is captured about 24 times repeated, in a line, as it falls down from the sky.

Slow Shutter iOS app settings for capturing snow

And a few more images from the back door:

Magnolia flower holding snow in Glen Ellyn, Illinois
Magnolia flower frosted with snow in Glen Ellyn, Illinois

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4 years ago

It’s the best kind of snow! No worry about shoveling! It comes and then magically goes away in a few hours. I love the April snow. And it means one less day the grass growing meaning one more day I don’t have to mow the lawn. It’s a double win.

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