Tracks’ release dates on Spotify

I wish Spotify would list the release date for every song. When I “discover” a new song, I want to know if this song came out this year, or I’m under a rock, and this song was from 10 years ago.

For instance, I came across this song “Shape the World” by Tim McMorris.

This sounds fun. I add it to my “Discovered 2024” playlist, so I can listen to it again. When did this song come out?

I looked it up manually on Google. 2014. No joke. When I was kidding around about this song possibly coming out ten years ago, it literally came out ten years ago.

Spotify could give me this information easily. Surely, it keeps track when tracks come out, right? Why doesn’t Spotify include this information in their UI? Probably because it gives too much information. They don’t want to clutter up their interface.

However, it’s more likely that including more information goes against their ethos of flattening out music. Spotify strips away all context of songs. Tracks no longer really belong in albums. Songs are like these floating bits. Spotify can push individual tracks to people without any of weighing-down context. Who cares if a song is from 1984 or 2024? It’s all the same in the eyes of Spotify. Which, I suppose is a little refreshing. But I do want to know about the music I’m listening to. At least tell me when the song came out!

If Spotify doesn’t want to include this information in their UI, maybe someone makes a Chrome add-on that pops up the song information with every song that is played. These song pop-ups already happen. Just include the release date into that little notification. Boom. Done.

Maybe one of these days I’ll look into how to do this.

By the way, I found “Shape the World” because I’ve been archiving two playlists created by Spotify, “Wake Up Happy” and “Happy Mix“. Every couple months, Spotify adds 150 songs to each playlist. And they remove the previous 150 songs. So you get a new playlist with every update. Those previous 150 songs disappear into the ethos. Since 2022, I’ve been archiving all the “happy” songs from Spotify.

My “Happy Mix archived” playlist has 593 songs dating back from September 30, 2022. Give it a follow. You’ll be happy that you did!

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